Sharing Tools and Practices for Upgraded Health, Plant Medicine, and Natural Alignment…

Yarrow Willard will bring your audience a deep level of information and inspiration.

If you have an event, staff party, speakers series, podcast, trade show or conference and are looking for content that is highly engaging and informative around health and wellness, book the Herbal Jedi to elevate your audience.

Yarrow Willard is an dynamic and entertaining educator. His presentation style is one of old-world knowledge blended with growing edge scientific inquiry and validation.

His breadth of knowledge and experience allows him to weave together a variety of skills and concepts brought to life through enjoyable stories and anecdotes.  This combination provides the perfect balance of information and connection that makes his talks and workshops regarded as highly enjoyable and insightful.

Yarrow passionately shares on a variety of topics, mostly focused on herbal medicine, advanced nutrition and the growing science of re-claiming wellness and vibrant living in the modern age.

Keynotes and Talks

Awakening Inner Alignment: Connecting to a Deeper way of being in the World

Mushroom Mysteries and Medicine: Unlocking the power of health found in the fungal kingdom

The Energetic Perception of Plants and People: Connecting to the deeper language of our nature

Resilience on a Polluted Planet: A practical guide to healthy living for the 21st Centurion

The Flexitarian and the Opportunivore: Why diets don’t work and how intuitive eating can unlock our healths inner wisdom

Workshops and Intensives

Crafting Plant Medicine: A Practical Guide to Herbal Pharmacy and Plant Extractions

Wild Crafting Ethics and Practice: How to sustainably work with plants in the wild

Wild Land Herb Walks: Insights into working with many of the local plants found growing in your area

Mushroom Medicines: A deeper look at the modes of action and health benefits found in tree mushrooms

The Blender Powered Herbal Revolution: How to go beyond the Smoothie and create the most nourishing fortified tonic drinks

Hot Tonic Elixir Drinks: Upgrading your nourishment through herbal, superfood and mushroom based beverages

Superfoods and Super herbs: A deeper look at many of the top nutritionally dense ingredients from around the world

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What are others saying?

“If you are planning an event and looking for a fun and dynamic speaker, Yarrow Willard always delivers an authentic presentation that entertains and educates audiences. Yarrow has helped make our events a success through his growing reputation as a must-see presenter and I always look forward to having him present as I know he delivers such value.” 

Malcolm Saunders – Class & Event Curator, Owner of the Light Cellar