Harvesting Sunshine

It’s midsummer, the days are long, and the sunshine hours are plentiful. All around us, our little plant friends are baring fruit and sharing in their abundance. This makes it the perfect time to be out “harvesting sunshine”. The concept of “harvesting sunshine” has been brewing up in my partner and I over the years as […]


 Flexitarian A state of 80% awesome, 20% less than awesome Flexible dietary habits and lifestyle design No hard set rules or limitations Seeking intuitive choices that best fit each situation Opportunivore Engaging in life, whatever it brings  Using what you have to its fullest potential Finding opportunity in every moment Seeking upgraded choices that best fit the moment. The choice is yours in […]

Seasonal Alignment – Summer

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy… Breathe deep, smell the flowers, listen to the birds.  Let the timelessness of these long days sweep you away in blissful moments of joy and relaxation… When it comes to our wellness it’s not uncommon for people to feel that summer is the glory days of good health. The weather […]