Stranger Plants of the Forest Floor

I am so glad you decided to check out this video on Saprophytes! So what are Saprophytes? Pretty much some of the most bizarre and interesting plants you have ever seen.. They are Plants that don’t produce their own chlorophyll. Rather they live off of dead mater, utilizing the life force and symbiotic relationship of […]

Our Presence – The ultimate Present we have to offer

Its amazing how time flies by these days.. With the current speed of technology/communication, carving out the time, or should I say building the habit of sitting down and writing a journal, blog or reflective post can be challenging for those like myself, who find themselves quick to action and with the tendency to take […]

The Importance of PLANT Energetics in the SCIENTIFIC AGE

Everything in nature is intimately related to everything else. All things are intertwined in the dance we call “life”. As we start to observe plants we see that they relate to other plants in a diverse array of ways. Though some seem to be competing for space, all plants require each other to survive. The more we […]


 Flexitarian A state of 80% awesome, 20% less than awesome Flexible dietary habits and lifestyle design No hard set rules or limitations Seeking intuitive choices that best fit each situation Opportunivore Engaging in life, whatever it brings  Using what you have to its fullest potential Finding opportunity in every moment Seeking upgraded choices that best fit the moment. The choice is yours in […]