Hello world!

Welcome to my website.

A place where a passion for the natural world and a life lived vibrantly mingle and dance as they are caressed by my personal filters and explored by my mind…

But before I get too carried away, I’d like to take a moment in this opening blog to share a little about myself..

My journey as a Herbalist started when I was young, as a few years before I was birthed into this world my parents, created a Herbal School called Wild Rose College of Natural Healing .

As a youth I was submerged into the world of plant medicine. My early years we rich with everything herbal, from plant walks, to sweat lodge journeys, to trips deep into the wild lands. Spending many hours outside, learning the basics of life’s lessons all the while alongside my plant friends, our family even lived in a tipi for some time.

As my school years came, I was fortunate enough to spend my formative years in a waldorf education system. Designed by Rudolf Steiner the father of Bio-dynamic farming and many other natural world aligned philosophical practices. These years, formed a strong awareness and understanding in me around flow, rhythm, art, and community.

Unfortunately the Waldorf School I was in didn’t continue on through highschool, so I moved in to the public system… This was a truly mind altering experience.. I mean, for starters, they take marks off if you hand in assignments in pencil crayon!!

After a few rebellious of wising up to the world I was now submerged in as a young man/teenager, I became hyper award that there was something deeply wrong with the way we treat ourselves, our community and our planet.

Where’s the full circle connection to our actions?

Why do we hurt each other to make ourselves feel better?

Why are we competing with others rather than improving ourselves and each other?

 Not knowing what to do with my confusion and growing disillusionment with society I committed to deepening my connection with plants and choose to enroll in the 4 year Clinical Herbalist diploma program offered by my fathers school.

This education was a powerful experience, bringing me much more in touch with the intricacies of the body and our relationship to plants as medicine and allies. During these years I also met my life partner Angela Watt (Willard), who was also studying to be a clinical herbalist.

Upon completion of our herbal programs Angie and I moved to the Comox Valley to learn more directly from the plants and start our clinical practices.  After a few years of apprenticeship and wild land connects, it became clear to us that what people really needed most, was not another practitioner, it was a place to have better access to high quality botanicals for their own use.

This lead us to start The Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, a company who’s mission is to be a medicine bridge, where people can find over 300 organic and wildcrafted herbs from farms, and wild lands all around the world.

Fast forwarding 8 years later to now, I find myself in a place where the mission of deepening our collective connection to the natural world and plant medicine is in full bloom. I spend much time in the wilds working with and learning directly from the plants and the environment. I teach workshops all over Canada and into the United States, as well as have published a variety of herbal blogs, article and over 120 free herbal education videos on our Harmonic Arts Youtube Channel.  

If there is one thing that I hope for in all the work I do, it is that more people become inspired to bring a deeper connection to plants and the natural world into their lives.

So enjoy this website my hope is that it is a place that you can come to for new and innovative ways of connecting with nature and health…


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