Are you an Opportun-ivore or a Conform-etarian?


The choice is yours… it always has been, and it always will be… in every moment.

Play it safe and stay inside the box, or challenge yourself with a leap of faith into the unknown path when opportunities are more likely to come your way. 

Regardless of  if it works out or not, you will never know something unless you try it. 

In the modern world we are asked to become more nimble and responsive to the situations we find ourselves in. The world has never been so interconnected as it is today. With this all bets are off, all rule books are out. All we have is our intuition and collected wisdom to guide us through the chaos of an ever expanding paradigm that seems constantly on the verge of collapse and self destruction.

Remember.. If plan “A” doesn’t work out, don’t worry too much the alphabet has 25 more letters.. stay flexible there’s always another opportunity.


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